Yacht Share Program Details

How it started
Yachtshare was started in 1999 at the Los Sueños Resort & Marina, Costa Rica by retired 747 Captain, Eric Landon. As a part time resident of Costa Rica and avid boater, he created the program with insights from the fractional jet and vacation home industries. There was an opportunity to reduce both the upfront capital required for the boat purchase and the operational expenses by sharing it with partners. The first boat was Alas Del Mar a 36 Riviera Yacht Flybridge Convertible which was sold at the end of the 5 year term and a replaced with Mistress a 43 Riviera Yacht.


Is Yachtshare right for you ?
The majority of our owners fall into one of four categories;

  1. Busy professionals that don’t have the time that it takes to properly oversee the operation of a boat.
  2. New boaters that do not have the experience or confidence to run and maintain a boat.
  3. Part time residents and/or vacationers who want to take advantage of the great and cruising offered by Costa Rica but do not want to oversee or be responsible for a boat when they are not in country.
  4. Budget conscious owners who want to enjoy the fine amenities of a new boat/yacht but do not want to tie up the full amount of capital and time required to do it on their own.


Program Details

Ownership: You own shares in a Corporation that owns 100% of the boat. Depending on the boat that can be anywhere from 4-10 shares
Management: YS recruits, legally hires and supervises the crew, financial records, schedule and condition of the boat
Purchase Cost: Owners are required to initially purchase the equity share in the corporation. The Purchase cost varies with each boat. The equity share can be resold at any time through our agents.
Monthly Payments: An annual budget is created to forecast the year’s expenses. Equal monthly payments are calculated from the budget giving the owner a predictable monthly payment. A reserve is built into the monthly payments to help with unforeseen repairs.
Trip Costs: Owners are responsible for their food and beverage plus any other items they wish for their trip including items like bait plus any lost or damaged equipment.
Usage: This varies by boat depending on how many shares have been created. 4 shares equates to approximately 85 days per year while 10 shares equates to approximately 33 days a year.
Term: The term is 5 years at which time the owners can vote to sell or extend the contract with 100% agreement from existing shareholders.
Who can use your boat: As an equity partner, you are welcome to send friends, family, associates or clients to the boat. Notify our concierge and we make the arrangements.